Thursday, March 25, 2010

Luxe and Luscious

I mixed happy business with sensual pleasure this afternoon at Lemon Creek Fabrics. It may be a little shop in the sleepy town of Berrien Springs, MI, but Lemon Creek is a destination for high-end interior designers from all over the country. It is a regular candy box of long gorgeous bolts of upholstery fabrics that cost $200 per yard elsewhere but are sold by Judi and John Dugan for $15 to $30 per yard. The beauty and the feel of these textiles take your breath away.

The yards, I might mention, are wider than your wingspan, and, for the price of a pair of Zappo's shoes, I came away with an armload of shiny, shimmering, crunchy, cozy, smooth, vivid, and subtle fabrics for making bookcloth. Bookbinding suppliers sell handsome paper-backed materials for covering books, and they do a yeoman's job. Making my own from these  silks, however, is magic for my hands and eyes.

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  1. Eugenie. . .your blog is wonderful. It is interesting and a joy to see. It puts mine to shame. Thanks for the comment about the wave piece. We are all just trying to do our best. Matthew